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Volt Ult Needs A Fix


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Its just ridiculous. Volt cast his ultimate in a bunch of corrupted moas, and they just killed him. Mission failed. Volt ultimate should at least damage the moas, but instead killed him. And the moas continued there. This happened in a void defense mission.


He should be made invulnerable during the casting. This need a fix asap.


Just imagine Ash being hit by shots while doing his ultimate, and then dying. Its the same thing here. If I cast the ultimate, Volt should be invulnerable until the power expirates, not pose as a martyr to die from the moas lasers.


Fix the warframe or just remove him from the game. Thats all.


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Agreed. At least make it shorter/faster (I'd like invulnerability more though, heh).


Last time I Volt-ulted anywhere near lights, I was in the air for 7 or 8 seconds. Post-lvl 50, I can't think of a situation where the enemy WON'T kill you if you're immobilized for 7 or 8 seconds (and yes, I started it behind cover. They had time to survive my ult, come looking for me, and kill me).


If nothing else, being able to cancel mid-cast would be nice.


/Don't get me started on his Shock.

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