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Saryns 1 with the augment "Venom Dose" can be cast on any ally without effect

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Since the rework of the buffing augments, Saryns 1 with the augment "Venom Dose" can be cast on any ally without effect, yet draining energy on every cast. Casting her 1 on an enemy while a teammate obstructs the vision is terribly annoying. So far it worked on Players, Specters, Companions and Kuva Siphons. I also have a slight feeling her spores don't spread as well as they usually do with the augment installed, haven't tried that yet.


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Applying it on allies should work, there is however a issue with the Saryn player not receiving a visual indicator for who they have buffed on all occasions, this is weirdly fixed by using transference, but it is important to note this is only a visual bug. The other players and companions still get the buff.

Casting it on molt will weirdly enough drain energy and even make the molt appear as it got the buff, this can be seen by the molt having the same corrosive effect on there hands as both allied players, the Saryn player and companions get. However i did some testing and it has no effect on the molt damage, whatever this is supposed to be intentional or not i have no idea.

And third the augment does not reduce the spread of spore, all the rules for spore spreading is still in effect.

I will add a small note here that i did not test these things in the Simulacrum, but on live missions, it is not impossible that these are separate bugs.

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Thanks for clarifying! Though the ability to be cast on allies should be removed, as it is not stated anymore in the mods description. Do the other reworked Augments (Freeze Force, etc) still apply the buffs while shot at allys, without holding the button?

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