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Transmute Still Isn't Good


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Idk about all that, but I did have the same problem before, when combining 4 of the same rare mods, that I'd get a common.

However, a poster here on the forums said that one needs to combine 4 different rares to get another rare back. I did this once, and it worked. Not exactly a great experiment, but it is probably better to fuse different mods.


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I read that one of the hotfixes was supposed to fix transmute. i.e. combining 4 rare mods would give you a rare.

4 contagions turned into a decoy...

I don't know if I just have extremely bad luck, or if the property of the game still isn't fixed.

Does anybody know?


I Transmuted recently

(4) Rush [rare]

@ a cost of 36,000 credits and got: 

(1) Redirecton [common] in exchange.


I too thought I had read on WF Forums or a previous Live Streaming....right? NO.

I subbed a support ticket on the above....and in reply was NO ..its RGN with no guarentee 4 transmuted [rares] will return a [rare]  - Four previous attemps to transmute were at least for me very unrewarding, general exchanges would give up just common mods i already have many of.  Uggg :(

- basically its a "ROLL OF THE DIE" ...if you have lots of spare credits with nothing to do with them it would seem.

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