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Tennogen STILL Missing

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I'm aware of the whole licensing debacle from back in April where you seemed to accidentally release the Skins on the Switch without licensing them with the artists first, but these skins are still missing well into September. Why is this the Case? Have you not licensed them yet? And why was that not on a priority? That should have been handled before anything else once discovered? Are you planning on releasing them on the Switch at all? I'm very upset as I finally found out why many skins I wanted suddenly went missing, and the reason was because of a mistake on your part, DE. I would very much appreciate an answer from a member of DE, as this is highly bothersome to me -- fashion frame is my favorite part of Warframe. I really enjoy making my characters looks epic in the games I play, but this has rendered many of my Warframes unsatisfactory, and downright killed my will to use really ugly ones (Saryn Prime and Ash Prime for example. Ash's Koga Skin's metallics appear VERY off in the Switch version, and as I'm aware metallics are being worked on and improved, this seems to be Switch exclusive, and it really messes up the colors). I'd buy the plat for many Tennogen skins in a heartbeat, and I'm really itching for Ash's Bai Hu skin and Saryn's Integra Skin. It really, deeply sucks that I, and many others, are unable to obtain these, while we see them flaunted about on all other platforms. Again, I'd like a response from a DE member, preferably an honest one. Thank you for your time.

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