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'From on High' is broken and won't unlock

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The achievement 'From on High' is broken for me and stuck at 78% since almost two years.

I've contacted the customer support five times in two years, but they said only the development team is able to fix that.

Here's the story how that happened...

As the POE update came out i did this achievement with Titania up to 99% as the ingame tracker showed me but the achievement did not unlock. So i looked at the XBL tracker but it only showed me 78%, after that the ingame tracker showed me 78% too. Since that happened i've never recieved any progress for that achievement.
Just for the understanding i've tried it with the Archwing as well as Titania.

I am not the only one with that issue, some players from trueachievements.com reported the same issue.

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Hi Ballerkaefer,

I'm sorry to hear about this issue, what's happened is the game (mistakenly) thinks you've completed this achievement (I can tell this from looking at your account data in our database), and so even as you repeat the fulfillment criteria, the game doesn't bother to tell Xbox Live (as it's quite an expensive function), and so your Xbox Live completion is not increasing either.

The good news is I added some code to the game recently which is specifically designed to detect issues like this (where Xbox Live completion is out of sync with our own database) and in such cases resume sending the completion events to Xbox Live. This code actually went live today in our Saint of Altra: Update 25.7.4 patch. Hope this helps!


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Hi Paul Laserbeam,

Just checked your account data as well and it appears to be the same issue (our database is out of sync with Xbox Live and thinks you've completed this achievement). Again, this should mean that since our patch yesterday it will now begin tracking progress properly (although again, you may have to repeat the fulfillment criteria for it to update).


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