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Auto-block and Reaping Spiral

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I'm not entirely sure if this is a bug or just a weird interaction, but it needs documenting somewhere (and sorry if it should be in Bugs). Since I haven't been able to rebind my controller for "switch to melee and go" for some time now, I've been using some of my old standbys for quick one and two hit combos (namely Scythes, Nikanas, and Shaku). I just had a weird thing happen in an Infested Ext, directly related to this, that would be solved by just bringing back manual block.

I quick melee'd and was interrupted by auto-block. If I kept trying to melee while a charger was wailing in front of me, I'd just kind of do this weird pseudo-dance. And then get hit from behind, or the side.

Like I said, manual block would fix this, and I'd also really, really like to be able to rebind my controller melee keys again.

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