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Add Possibility To Remove Visualization Of Elements On Melee Weapons


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Not sure if this topic was brought up already, likely yes, but I want to state the pleasure everyone would get from this addition.

When picking the right weapon, the right mods and the right flair, some flames around your sword may look nice. Especially the light from the electricity effect is partly just awesome.


a) compared to other games with glowing/burning/etc. stuff (including auras, wings, etc. (e.g. Diablo 3, WoW), in this game it's only the actual melee weapon. It simply rarely blends into the screen as well as it could.

b) using all 3 elemental mods results in nothing short of a mess. This is not that much of a problem for charge-based builds, because you have enough mods to simply choose your elements, but for light melee-styles it's a somewhat annoying, as you barely have enough mods to fill all slots even -with- the elements.

c) there are more reasons, but I will stop at pointing at the fact that the models of weapons are only in a few cases the models elements actually cover (and I look especially at you, Dakra Prime).


Summarized: It was and is a nice a idea, a nice touch, but it still needs work. DE surely knows this. But as long as we are in the current state, an option to disable just the visual changes from elemental mods would be more than just damned nice. And won't hurt in any final version either.


The main reason for me to bring this up again is the usage of the already raised Dakra Prime. Not only I lack colorization options due to its Prime mark, I am running around with 2 open slots because I almost disdain what elements do to this sword.

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