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Hildryn + Larkspur host migration bug

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Hi - Since Hildryns release, there was a bug where, after a host migration (HM), several things can go hilariously wrong. Hildryn gives the Larkspur +300 maximal ammo, but after HM, all of Hildryns weapons, including the Larkspur itself, have +300 maximum ammo and sometimes the standard Larkspur skin is added to the right hand no matter what weapon you are using. It does nothing but it can block your sight a bit... especially when one tries to aim down-sights.

To my knowledge, this bug is not consistent, but when it occurs, one could cheese the game by bringing a high power but low ammo weapon like the Lenz, and bring havoc over the battlefield because you suddenly have 305 maximum ammo instead of 5. I will try to find out how to consistently trigger this bug, but I hope you (DE) will be faster.

PS: This bug was in from the start but I did not see it for a while now until recently, and sometimes things get even more absurd: I had a 672 ammo Daikyu and a 920 ammo Akjagara which would indicate that this bug happened twice on the same HM (Daikyu has 72 max ammo and Akjagara has 320 max ammo (without mods)).

A. K. alias Cryptyyyx 

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