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Tier 15, forced to wait 24 hours for nothing! >:(

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Hi everyone, I'm sorry, I'm not very good in English, but I can explain with the help of a translator, it's a bit boring, but it's for the Warframe team to understand what's wrong with the game. I'm sorry I posted in the bad section last time. I was frustrated because of the timer who force me to wait until 24 hours for nothing. here, it's a good place because I just got the ridiculous bug during the MR test. 😕

I explain what's wrong in the game, it's when the bug happened with my wukong and I wanted to complete my Tier 15 and suddenly, my wukong is falling into the void to infinity without leaving me complete this tier 15, I gave up to restart all over again, but the game forced me to wait 24 hours for nothing because I neither failed, nor completed the tier. I hate waiting for 24 ridiculous hours for nothing just because I got the bug. I WANT TO REMOVE THE USELESS TIMER, ONLY IN CASE WE GOT THE STUPID BUG! THANKS YOU.

I wish they learn to remove the stupid timer on the MR.

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