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Djinn And His Fatal (For Itself) Attractiveness.


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So i have been using Djinn enough now for first impressions... fatal attraction so far is sentinel suicide i turned a corner and there were about 5-7 low level grineer. Djinn uses fatal attraction before i turned corner and is instantly killed, everyone shot right at him no way i could get around it... i am not sure how this will all be effected with shield and hp mods but it does not bode well.


What i had expected was: when fatal attraction is used the enemies would physically walk closer (out of cover) and not open fire. Or the best case wish of awesome (which i knew it would not be the case) the enemies would be yanked closer to you (i know that would be similar to wyrm.


Just seems fatal attraction could do more then be sentinel suicide, unless that was intended... (with the skills name, is this a troll? XD). I thought the skill would be much more unique being a clan based sentinel.

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