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Clan Anti Rng [Recruitment Thread]


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Recruitment Open [08/25/2013]


Anti RnG Clan is recruiting active Tennos!

We are Currently a "Shadow Clan" with 30 members. Looking forward to be a "Storm Clan" with many active members.
The clan is friendly and we help out each other.
Our Dojo have everything researched.
• Obstacle course 
• Duel Arena 
• Bio Lab 
• Energy Lab 
• Chem Lab 
• Can speak & understand english
• Active specially during weekends
• At least Mastery Rank 3
• Loyalty. No Dual clan-ing
• Dont be rude
• Be mature
• Leave no man behind. Stick together! On raids, try not to be out of radar reach of the squad.
• Slow down. Raid missions arent a race.
• On Defense & Mobile Defense Missions, obey & follow the game plan.
• Kill the damn cameras on corpus maps.
• Last one on the elevator pushes the button.
• If you are being stalked by the Stalker then let the squad know. Stop running, let it spawn, and kill! If you don't know what the Stalker is and how he operates ASK.
• When looking for people to do a mission check ask Clan members first.
• Check clan chat and say something once in a while.
• Do not spam invites. Please don't invite members to a game without giving them a heads up first.
• Do not spam on the clan chat.
• If a Clan member doesn't have access to the Dojo there's a reason. DO NOT take them to the Dojo. If you want access to the Dojo then register on this web site.
Violation of these rules will result in a SINGLE warning. Continued violation will be kicked out of the clan.
The Clan have a Website and a Facebook Group for interactivity outside the game.
@clanantirng email address will be available for every members, just ask.
The URL links will be available in the clan chat notice.


Let us know by replying in this thread. It will be checked regularly.

Or PM us ingame. PM Cannibul or Zarpax. If either of us is online, you will be invited immediately.

Feel free to ask questions here if theres any.

Edited by Zarpax
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