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Solar Dawn - (Recruitment)


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Greetings again fellow Tennos, as of late I have been working on starting a Clan, or a family. We have just reached the 10 player max for Ghost clans, and have built the Shadow barracks. So if you are looking for a clan to join, then why not ask to Solar Dawn, we accept new and old players alike. Down below you will find the rules, goals, and Raidcall information. Good Luck Tennos, and may the Lotus protect you.


• Don't be rude. (Basically, follow the golden rule: Treat others the way you would want to be treated.)
• Be mature, I don't want to have to be a parent just yet.
• There is no age-restriction. All I ask is that you follow the above rule.
• I see some Clans ask for it's member to be active. Now, I understand that most people have jobs or school. So I won't ask this of you, but I would like to know when you're not going to be available for some time
• You do not need to have a mic, in-game communication is fine. But I do recommend you have one.


The Dojo

At the moment we do not have any labs, including the Oracle, but we have begun the Duel Arena. We need more Forma! 



What I want for the clan is to be a second family to the players, we help, care, and stand beside our fellow clan mates. If you need help with something we are there, if you need advice we are there. So long as you're kind, we will be kind to you. 


Any and all are allowed to join the Raidcall, so long as you abide by the rules. (See above.) The ID is 7140258

If you have any questions at all, feel free to leave them down below, private message me, or contact me in-game. I generally play around 'noon, or late evening, US central standard time. My in-game name is CursedYou.

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I'd be interested in joining. I'm a newish guy looking to learn somewhere small where I actually know people's names. Just hit mastery 4 but that'll change soon :)


I'll pop you an invite. :3


Edit - I see you're already in a guild, if you still wish to join make sure you are currently not in one.

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