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Melee Attack Issue

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During some testing I've noticed a frequent issue that affects short range melees the most. as of current there is an issue with melee auto tracking keeping the player too far away from the targeted enemy as to where you cannot, with most shorter weapons, hit the target. this usually happens if the enemy is stunned away from you while attacking or if they just back up slowly, leaving your reach and keeping you in place for some reason. Warframe0005.jpg

even with stances with a large amount of movement the player is kept out of reach due to target lock movement suppression.

if there is a problem with the post, please notify me.
I rarely post bug reports and would like guidance in case I need to in the future.

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i was testing some melee weapons in the simulacrum and have encountered this with a lot of them. i noticed this especially now that tekko prime is out

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... I kind of have all those nifty options disabled... Might explain why I never saw it. Hope it gets fixed.

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Noticed this somewhere last month and complained to no end, as nobody I asked to confirm actually managed to confirm it.
I have profusely tested in both missions and simulacrum, but ended up "deciding" it solely applies to swords. What I notice in the screenshot of the original post however is Kronen Prime - a rare weapon I have had zero issues with (actually favourite ingame weapon, so I've used it A LOT). So let's try to compare what we were doing and what could be the cause of this.

Personal testing included:
- Being host or client
- Being in mission, simulacrum or captura
- Having autotargeting on and off
- Having enemies aware/unaware, stunned/asleep
- Hitting objects
- Various melee weapons (details below)
- Sword stances: Vengeful Revenant, Crimson Dervish, Iron Phoenix, Swooping Falcon and no stance
- Range mods equipped and unequipped
- Riven mods that alter range equipped and unequipped
- Riven mods that alter damage equipped and unequipped (at one point seemed like the only thing tested swords had in common)
- Warframe abilities active and unused (from exalted melee such as Khora's whip to Rhino's Roar)

No issues detected with (all) stances of:
- Tonfas
- Polearms
- Staves
- Scythes
- Dual Swords
- Heavy Blades
- Whips
- Held Glaives (just Kestrel but all stances)
- Dual Daggers (although admittedly, they already had a short range so went on from memory and expectation)
* Note that I haven't tested everything so more input is always welcome.

What I've noticed is that this particular issue occurs almost always with the very first swing rather than continued attacks. Made a few videos to portray the problem that nobody I've so far asked had the chance or luck to replicate. 


Since this was done on the run, there's loud music/no editing. There's more and I'm fairly certain the issue persists, though haven't had the chance to test or play this week.


Second edit: 

On 2019-09-13 at 12:01 AM, winters_grasp said:

I rarely post bug reports and would like guidance in case I need to in the future.

Before claiming that something is bugged, please confirm that you can replicate the issue and are able to define your experience coherently, so that people would possibly manage to assist with the problem. Once you do, depending on its nature, either write about it in the bug report section of the official Warframe forums or contact Warframe support. Game glitches and game bugs go to the appropriate bug report section of the forums while exploits, account issues, technical problems and problems with fellow players to support. 
Condensed bug reporting guidelines are found in the first post of the most recent megathread titled with the build name while the official topic on the matter can be found here.

Edited by CxLL
#1 Added riven mod detail; #2 Added aid for further bug reporting as requested by the thread poster.

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