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We Are The Tenno.


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-transmission sent to all Grinner forces within the origin system after the death of captain Vor-


-date unkown-


-location of transmission unkown-


This is a message to the leaders of the Grinner military.


You know us not by name but by the legacy we left before, before the old war, before you began your dominance with your ever decaying legions.


The Orokin, our honoured ancestors, equipped us with our sacred gear for a purpose. Over time our memories faded and our purpose was lost to us, so we slept. Hibernating in the dark, until we were given purpose once more.


And now you, the ever decaying Grinner, have given new purpose to me and my siblings.


I am Borkvah, ice-sight, one of the many favoured sons and daughters of the Orokin. We are the Tenno


And We. Will. Reclaim.


-transmission ends-


opinions please, also thinking about making a longer story type thing :)

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We are the White Void, We are the Cold Steel, We are the Just Sword, with blade in hand i will reap the sins of this world and cleanse it in the Fires of Destruction!
We are the Tenno, the end has come!!


(Kudos to whoever catch the reference)


EDIT: I have no idea why my post is greyed out D=

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