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Gear Ui Bugs And Crashing


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When the specific type ammo boxes(rifle, sniper, pistol, etc) were removed from the market, I purchased a bunch of each type for fear I would no longer be able to replenish ammo in a mission without pickups. After they were removed from the market I once got ammo boxes  and ciphers as rewards from a few random missions to my surprise. However, when I tried to equip them to my mission inventory, I discovered those item types which I had received as rewards now had negative quantities. (See link 1) When I tried to equip those item types, I was able to select them in the slot but when i clicked back the game would crash and become unresponsive. (See link 2) I assumed that others had this problem and would make a thread about this and DE would fix this in the next hotfix but 3+ hotfixes and U10.1 later I still have this problem. I would appreciate it if someone could help me fix this problem as I really want to use those fireworks. Thanks 


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