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Bugged Mastery Mission (7 To 8)


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Just tried to do my mastery mission again today and it bugged on me so i lost today's attempt =(


its a basic bug but one that still cost me the mission, after a single failure (falling off the wall running) the game goes to respawn back on the pad to start again however it didn't spawn me at the pad it spawned me in mid air and the pad spawned after i had dropped. so each time i respawned pad despawned and respawned after dropping me.


i lost all my re-tries in one go because of that bug. Hopefully this wont happen again tomorrow but if it does ill see if i cant figure out any more information.

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Today had a new bug pop up, I shot the marker leapt at the wall and then the wall disappears as I reach it. >.<


It wouldn't bother me so much but I have an embolist waiting to be made and its very frustrating. T_T


I'm not demanding a fix now (would be nice but I'm realistic) just updating the list of bugs hoping something helps.

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