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Braton Prime Build.. And Questions



I just collected all Braton Prime parts yesterday, yet there are 10 orokin cells that I have to get before being able to create that gun. Now is it any good to end game? With stats just a little higher than Braton, should I make it, or not? Farming 10 orokin cell is not easy and I wanted to use my cells just for the weapon I truly desire. I like that weapon's design, however the stats seems a bit not-so-good. What you guys think and what is the best non forma build for it?

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if your looking for a non forma build, then i assume your not going to use a catalyst either... in that case, dont even build it, it wont be worth your time.

alternatively, build it for the mastery and to see if you like it enough to do anything special with it.


This. The Braton series are subpar compared to other weapons unless they have been formatted at least 5 times and even then, they can be outperformed by some guns with the same forma level. The Braton series, however, prides itself as your "jack-of-all-trades" weapon and will easily fit your arsenal as a go-to weapon in most cases.

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