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Defense meta?

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On 2019-09-16 at 1:05 AM, (XB1)MetalPain x 666 said:


Vs Infested? anything with zenistar.



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On 2019-09-14 at 10:52 AM, (PS4)CodyXSavageX said:

Oh yeah I’d recommend 

Frost/Limbo: defense

Saryn: AOE DPS

Banshee: DPS support

Mirage: Single target DPS to synergize with banshee 

Mirage is capable of competing with Saryn and Equinox for AoE now as well with her Explosive Ledgerman augment.

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Am 14.9.2019 um 15:52 schrieb Bagadyr:

Which frames fit into defense meta? 

My suggestions are:

Speed nova to speed enemies 

Saryn for killing

Equinox/Rhino for buff?

And for the last one?

Instead all the Frost advices...

• Mag ❤️

Her bubbles offer a way saver deff + cc if they dare to enter.

~ Team adds dmg into the teams core dmg tool.


• Hildryn ❤️

Well... Synergy with Mag restoring her/teams shields with her 3 & with 4 + Hildryn adda to her/team not bypassable shields & +shields.

While Mag's 3 recharges a fix amount does her 4 (crush) scales with target amount in range !! At base +25 PER interval (×3) PER target. So ezy (20x25) ×3 = 1500 > scales further up with strengh !!!

• Saryn ❤️

• Trin or A DD (DamageDealer) with DD buffs

Chroma as 4th would be also great.



Mag can also restore the defending "objects" shields with her 3.

Mags 1 is one of the stronges 1's CC ingame. Stronger as Volts Ult CC !


Mags 1 and Volts 4 are Debuffs, subClass: Stun

While a _normal stun_ ends with holding a target at place, offers Mags 1 stun also a _relocating of targets_ while still stuned to a spot she wants it/them to be.

Which saves time in 2 paths:

1. You and teammates dun need to step out of unsecured spot(s) and move to each target 1 by 1 to kill.

2. Bullked up foes offer a faster kill rate as the 1by1 rate.


Foes stuned/flying and shortly before standing up again, are 'unaware' of their surroundings, which adds [stealth dmg multiplier = ×8] if hitting for excample with

Arca Plasmor

on incoming flying foes.

Saryn benefits from this bulking as well as Hildryn's ability, need as much foes in range to scale way more up ~> increase of effectivity.

The CC repeated can be like unlimited with Trin with _under_ 1sec recastable.

If smw ABOVE in air/ceiling standing, Mag can increase the time of each CC pull by 1/4 bc of adding fly up and fall down time.


Mag is a [Field Controller] unit with a DD (Damage Dealer) core.


Mags bubbles ARE her/teams CORE Armor stripper in 1sec lvl165 armor GONE, using Pox clouds (3-4 shots enough).

And this stripper TOOL will be able to be used for like 20sec+.

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I have been in planned squads for a while now and I usually bring my Nyx or my Wisp.

Both are great at what they do.

Personally we have nore success with my Nyx.

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Depends on which levels you are playing, for how long and against which factions.

Speed Nova is only optimal for short 'bite sized' runs.

You can replace Rhino with Chroma if your teammates aren't moving around much.

Maybe a lootframe for 4.? If you need it. Hydroid is good for defense and armor strip if there is an AoE killing cc'd enemies and a Sonar to highlight if there's any left.

Trinity, Harrow, Banshee are good choices for team support all around for most content.

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Defense targets in cryopods typically have quite a bit of hp and can take a good bit of damage the best way to go is DPS DPS DPS DPS...have at least one person with the max vazrin focus that can heal the cryopod/defense target.  protective dash will nearly fully heal it every time and make it invulnerable for short period.


You basically can't lose especially when you get arbitrations and the defense target has like 80,000 hit points....defense missions are pretty boring in my opinion though not something I like doing it all.

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