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Improving Survival Missions


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I love survival missions, they are fast paced and one of the few challenging missions. Something that endgame players can enjoy.


Here is how generic mission issues look like : 1-2 noob joins the public game. At 99% oxigen they activate the pods( so pod is useless), they pick up everything they can, run around and die, they bug out spawns.

Right there is the issue, they bug out spawns. Mobs seem to spawn near players, but as noobs run around to pick up everything ASP, mobs spawn at the other side of the map. Unless you go there yourself to kill the mobs, they start crawling with super low speed towards you, and most of the time you run out of oxigen. Mobs also have the tendency to block at specific spots ( like small doors ), so you start getting spawn starved sooner or later.


Solutions :

- do organized games by players. But this is antisocial and game killer. Playing with noobs should bring some sort of confort that you are helping someone and not be a gamekiller

- make spawns despawn/teleport. Run faster is NOT an option as spawns do get stuck at places. I don't really care how realistic the mob advancement is. Having an futuristic solution is much better then a bugged map.

- make mobs spawn closer to players. Considering some mobs move slower then others and they fall behind, create random challenge issues, like soloing an ancient or a bombard in a small corner loosing precious time in running around instead shooting.

- make mobs spawn not depending on a max count. Right now i have a feeling there is a hardcoded number of max active spawns. This is bad as some spawns get bugged in ground / doors / run in place .... Unless you make sure to wipe everything you run out of spawns

- make mobs dynamically spawned. The fun in the survival mission is to continuesly attack and barely have time for pickups and chatting. Rigth now there are tens of seconds where i just run around and hunt something to kill. Kinda kills the whole purpuse of the challenge. This is why mobile defense missions are still loved, the continues mob flow...

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I agree with the lack of mobs, I have had a few games I have been solo and had to run around actually looking for something to kill, which does defeat the point of survival.There should be no rest, as it is now, you get to about 5+ minutes and your still waiting up to 30 seconds for another enemy to appear. The difficulty really should come from the mobs, not the lack of air.


It can be pretty bad sometimes in the lower level ones, which are (sometimes) good for leveling up unranked weapons\ frames, I haven't actually been able to last longer than 10 minutes unless I have Nekro (Desecrate b!tches!!) any other frame I struggle to get past 10 mins solo and this is purely due to a lack of enemies to kill!


I think the issue is with locked doors, some rooms I have noticed are better than others, on the Grineer tile set, which is the one I have played most, I can tell as soon as the game kicks off if I can last longer than 10 minutes, the rooms with the most entrances tend to be the best ones, however this is only when at least half of the doors are green, if they are locked it seems there is no where for the enemy to spawn. I think the spawn system relies on this which is probably why on defense missions, the map is surrounded by unlocked doors to nowhere. No open doors, no spawn points me thinks.


I had a game were 2 of us lasted 30+ mins & had not used a single oxygen supply, we stayed in the 90's pretty much from start to finish, IMO this was because the first room we entered had opened doors all around & we got a constant stream of enemies from start to finish. (a later game on the same map I barely made 5 minutes myself and had about 40 kills at the end!)

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I have to agree, i was about to make the same topic about survival mission when i came across this thread. 


Why can't we have survival mission like the one in the event? 

Continuous waves of enemies is fun.

Why do DE always feel the need to improve something that works?


I was so excited when i find out that survival mission will be implemented as a regular mission i was very disappointed when i try the mission for the first time.

Not enough enemies, and we have to run around the map looking for them and the team will often get separated.

It's just not as fun as the survival event. 


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I want all of the carnage...ALL of it...
I don't need that much of a down time between waves where I have to hunt for the enemies....it should be the other way around at all times, we're invading them, they hunt us to try to get rid of the invader by sending their forces into the area they're trying to choke us out of (incidentally, why would someone turn off life support and THEN send in troops to try to kill the person they shut off life support for in the first place? seriously, who does that?!)

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