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Enemies' Mod Loot Table [In Progress]


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Ever wonder why you never get the mods you want?


Since Drop Table 2.0 has been implemented. Each enemies has their own mod table, which mean you can't just randomly kill enemies and get the rare mods by RNG god anymore.


So I make this list : Enemy Lootable (In Progress)


This list is for this purpose. It's a collection from my experience from running the same missions and killing same mobs over and over. And it's not complete yet since I've started this 3-4 days ago. That means a lot of works are needed to be done. And you, the Tennos, can help.


If you has an information about enemy X drop a Y mods, please feel free leave to it here. I'll keep updating the document whenever possible.


PS. My English is bad, I'm sry.

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