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I mean, we still have two zealots left according to the codex, so we’ll see.

 But I have to agree, it seems lackluster this time around. Not due to lack of bosses but the story just seemed.. I don’t know, stale? Boring? Either way I’m hoping the bosses will be a bit fun to fight, I know the Wolf was (pre nerf).

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16 hours ago, (PS4)Ashagin said:

Unfortunately it's not really designed as a single player game and would just fragment the community even more. 


16 hours ago, -OP-NerevarCM said:

Warframe is not a single player game. Adding difficulty settings means divide the community through difficulty levels, increasing the time to find a squad for less played missions.

Game design is not easy as "do this and everything is fixed".

The community wouldn't be fragmented, just Pub matches, and there's more than enough people available for those. Recruiting would be the same pretty much, you don't form parties and then find out 1 member of the party wants easy content and the rest want hard, etc. They're all going for whatever best suits the goal of the party. 

Warframe can be played on single player, and frankly, most of us would love to be able to adjust difficulty.

Game design is as easy as "do this and everything regarding difficulty scaling can be fixed". It's a simple thing to implement. Once the bugs are out, I can easily see it being 98% popular, 2% unpopular, and increasing things the business cares about like overall playtime,enjoy-ability, and cash spent (without increasing the pressure to spend cash or PTW aspects, mind you). 

It's a win win for us and DE. 

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