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[Warframe] Idea "echo" Stealth Frame


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Echo is a Recon/Camouflage warframe, Using a ninja's innate subterfuge skills.


Health-120 (350 max)

Shield cap-120 (350 max )

Energy-125 (200 max)

Sprint speed- 4 (very Fast)


Polarity slots.

Echo will have 1 tactic aura polarity slots.



Abilities Focus on Redirection and Camouflage


(1) Ventriloquist : 25 energy.

Echo throws his voice, making noises in far off locations 

(Covertly directing any attention away from himself)

(Also distracts Carmas)

Fusion levels

1. Effect lasts for 20 seconds (Enough to get away)

2. Effect lasts for 30 Seconds (Enough to Sneak and Kill a few enimies)

3. Effect lasts for 40 Seconds (Enough to Clear a room)



(2) Memory : 50 energy.

Echo uses his "whistle" Abilities to create a high pitched Sound that confuses and then erases the short term memory of the Enemies in the local area. Thus Forgetting they ever saw you and returning back to there original posts.

(Defense missions will just stun them, as you are not the target)

Fusion levels

1. Effect Distance is 20meters

2. Effect Distance is 30meters 

3. Effect Distance is 40meters



(3) Chameleon : 75 energy.

Echo uses ancient Copycat skills to copy (Borrow) the appearance of his last Kill.

(Effect is Nulled upon shooting the enemy/cameras)

Fusion levels

1. Lasts only while walking 

2. Lasts while running

3. Lasts While Jumping

4. Enemies will believe your one of them.


(4) Mirror Cascade : 100 energy.

Echo releases a energy masking compound on himself and other party member warframes thus rendering the effected warframes undetectable by all enemies/cameras for a period of time.

Fusion levels

1. Effect lasts for 15 seconds 

2. Effect lasts for 30 Seconds 

3. Effect lasts for 45 Seconds

4. Effect lasts for 60 Seconds



This Suit is designed for the Unique idea that you can stealth your way through any "Linear" mission without killing a single Enemy. Just like a real Covert ninja.  Speed and Camouflage are Key to this frame. 


A few new weapons for this idea would evolve around sound reduction.

Silenced Assault Rifle.. etc


I welcome any Idea changes or Criticism on this post.


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His name, along with 1 and 2 screams "MALE BANSHEE" to me... but then there's his 3 and 4 which are more like light bending/prismatic rather than sonic.


I guess pick one theme and stick with it, instead of it being two things mashed together. I mean correct me if I'm mistaken, but all of the 'frames 'till now all have a singular theme, even if some powers stretches it a bit.

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well, IMO, although the abilities sound interesting, I think Banshee already fills this role. On top of that, DE still has yet to make a mission where detection is a fail criteria. Maybe you should focus on camouflage and copycat abilities more and rename it to "Morph" or something ('coz Banshee makes echoes). Maybe he can copy a teammate's ability, or better yet, equip 2 other abilities from other frames.



In response to the post directly above mine, maybe call it "Yata" or "Kagami" for Japan's national treasure "Yata no Kagami" (Yata's Mirror).


Ability 1 "Reverse Lens" would be to focus light into a laser

Ability 2 "Reflect" reflect damage?

Ability 3 "Chameleon"

Ability 4 "Mirror Cascade"

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Few things...

1.) Memory needs to be revised into another skill, 20-40 meters of amnesia is not enough. Because once they sound the alarm, there's no way you can get out of it without killing everyone who is hostile..

2.) Ventriliquist distraction, how does it distract the security cameras? If that happens, then the players would need to deal with the lasers and turrets.

3.) Chameleion, instead of borrowing who he killed, he should be able to borrow an appearance from a distance. That should work well.

4.) Care to show a reference of this frame? at least something that would resemble him.




Hope he can score better crits if he is undetected.

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sort of like what they were saying, i think it would be a good idea to theme echo more towards mirrors. I think chameleon should be changed to something more aesthetic, like having mirrors appear around your frame facing every enemy in sight. the number would vary with the amount of enemies. they would stick to your frame and track nearby enemies, giving you your camo, just in a different light. the first ability could be more ventriloquist like, with a mirror project of your warframe drawing the attention of nearby enemies, like loki's clone. the difference being it would be moving and could be killed before the duration was up. when it dies, it would show an animation of it shattering like a mirror. memory could be changed into a reflective ability. the move would create a couple of rectangular mirrors that formed a dome around your warframe. the mirrors would reflect incoming damage, but would each individually shatter after taking a certain amount of hits. the ultimate ability could be switched up to make it more of a confusion based one. I'm thinking you pretty much trap them in mirror boxes.  the mirrors boxes wouldn't root the enemies, but rather block all their view. they would be running around looking for you, while no longer being able to actually see you, or anyone else. Shooting at them would shatter the mirrors around them and allow them to see you. It would be a great ability to escape with, or to make the enemies easy pickings. this warframe would be heavily aesthetic based, using the kind of texture that is on the ether reaper's blade for the mirrors. this would be a character skilled in confusion, allowing player to sneak in and around while messing with everyone. after reading all this, i have come to realize i just made a completely different warframe.

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Echo relates with sound doesn't it not stealth and there is both sound and stealth frames (ash & banshee) and banshee is a frame that not only can use sound but can use it for stealth

Hunter, you should know that that's not a valid reason to disprove a frame after being part of the Nephalim thread! :D

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Noticed the Spring speed 4 thingy. Thats just..... Dumb. Im sorry. All of this sounds good. The sprint speed. its dumb. Add volts sprint, rush and such mods and you will basically run at the same speed as Zephyrs Tail Wind.

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