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I Love Your Cc Weapons


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I really Love the kestrel and and kogake, they're so much fun and tbh mainly because they allow you another way to control and bring a halt to enemy progression without using energy. I would really like to see more weapons like this, not sure if you've got plans to make the future whip weapons or grappling hooks have cc qualities but I certainly hope so.


Oh and another thing, I also wanted to throw this idea out there. Since loki is the only frame that can disarm, will we see the ability to disarm the enemy in future weapons. My idea was that you could include the effect either in a charge attack, or tieing it in with crit chance.


It would be a boon for those who dont like to play loki and it wouldn't have to be a AOE, it could be single target, which would allow frames who dont have CC abilities to skillfully neutralize a heavy unit. and because it would require a degree of skill. Loki's one button press ult will not be rendered obsolete.


~S3v :)

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I personally hate the Kestrel. Good utility, but a pain to level up since it's too weak to kill.


And no, if a weapon had the ability to disarm, why would people use Loki's ult instead?

Because not everyone plays loki or likes loki, so for the players who dont like him it would be nice to use. for example, Ember players could use it to disarm grineer ehavy units, since she is squishy and that would be very good for her. 


and im not saying it has to be AOE, It can be a single target charge attack mechanic, that would allow it to not outshine the loki ult and still be a lifesaver (Even tho ive never once came across a loki who uses his ult) 


Oh some advice for kestrel, don't  grind out its levels, its long and gets boring, instead pick a heavy dps class that has no CC (Nova or Ember for example) and use it on them on enemies every once in a while when you in trouble. all the killing you will be doing with the frame will make it level up on the sidelines and before you know it. BAM its rank 30. and if your going for it being a CC weapon, a orokin catalyst is not needed, just put the stun mod, fury, reflex coil, and focus energy. 


@CubedOobleck Only different is Radial Blind completely incapacitates all enemies within a pretty big radius, and freeze damage just slightly slows them, and if ima risk getting that close to a enemy i need them stopped completely. have you tryed kestrels jump attack? thats actually way better and it puts them on their butt longer.


Edit: Oh CubedOobleck Poison ancients, Heavy weapon doesn't help with them and the squishy frames who would benefit from more CC weapons would get derped if they ran in close to one of those. and if your talking about rhino or saryn, they're tougher yes, but already come with their own CC abilities.

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