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Skin preview doesn't work

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So with the new patch, one thing I noticed is that previewing (unowned?) skins from the skin menu in the arsenal appearance menu isn't working. It'll preview the helmet, but nothing else. In fact, skins that have a little extra (e.g. Hydroid Prime's coat) will be removed but will otherwise just "preview" the default skin for that fame (such as Hydroid Prime's Prime skin, not the Hydroid skin). Previewing works normally from the helmet menu, however including the full skin that comes with a previewed helmet. From what I can tell, skins that don't come with a helmet preview just fine in the skin menu, as well as owned skins; I think the issue lies when a preview auto-includes a helmet (since when previewing an owned skin it doesn't auto-preview the helmet, where an unowned skin will auto-preview the helmet). I only have one skin/frame that I can test that on, however, so I'm not 100% there.

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I reran The Sacrifice last night to grab the somachords finally(the quest is fun as hell..).  Along the way you have to use your umbra excal and I had done a little work on him since unlocking him the first time but never use him.  I had alot of fun on him.  This made me wanna see what was possible to do for him visually and maybe use him a little bit.  

1st of all wasnt Umbra Excaliur THE warframe responsible for adding toggle prime parts" so you could turn off his stupid scarf???  That wasnt even an option lol....

But then I went to preview the rest of his skins and like OP said.  For the vast majority of the skins only the helmet changed, the body would not.  (Dex skin did work?)  Didnt try other warframes,  but that would totally suck lol. 

Im guessing this will be fixed asap though cuz it will cost DE money.  

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