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Having Issues With Lag? Apparently You Can Blame The Nekro This Time.


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Alright I take that back it's not fixed, just a coincidence that there was no nekros in the group when I played.

Seems when ever a Nekros is in the party and mobs spawn this desynch issue occurs.


For what ever reason Nekros seems to cause an extreme amount of bizarre lag.


Old post before figuring out it was Nekros causing the issue:

Well in the past month or so I noticed I was having lag horribly and it was baffling me. Since this month I had moved into an apartment with REAL internet not that 3G smartphone tethered internet I used to use over the summer.


Yet my game was leagues better on that ol' 36kb/x connection. So when I got to the new like many  assumed the issues were connection based. So I had a ticket in for making sure ports were forwarded and what not.


So speeding up there was nothing wrong with the connection plenty of bandwidth, speed and ports all open (No security at all apparently...)


At a hunch I just went and uninstalled my drivers for my graphics card and set them back to my factory disk. Game ran pretty well after that just a bit of motion lag. Where as before Nothing not the players, the enemies or even loot would move, they'd only update every few minutes and run in place at the most.


So not being one to settle for a little improvements, I went and started to update my drivers back to what they were except I didn't go for Nvidia's suggested gimmick of their Experience program thing.


For what ever reason even though it's advertising Warframe and what not it really doesn't seem to know the best way to calibrate settings for its "Optimal gaming experience."


Still not sure what happened during my move from boonies to campus that might have changed with the game to make this happen. Though I guess it could have been an issue during the summer too just with my slow connection I may have not even noticed it.


So TLDR; To those with the issue of things not moving or slideshowing Reinstall your Nvidia drivers and don't let them install that experience thing.


Not sure where this should get moved to now since it seems like a warframe causing a network/graphic issue with the connection.

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