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Removing Stats From Helmets Is A Bad Idea


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Why remove the stats from helmets? It makes them less desirable, less useful and completely optional. Sure, there are some helmets that have stats people don't want or need (like reducing Rhino's already snail-paced speed) - but for every frame that has a "bad helmet" there is also some good ones. The reduction rate is usually 5% - that's not bad enough to warrant removing stats.


Instead of doing something destructive, and making the helmets unnecessary, why not look at a constructive solution? Make the helmets either:


A) On / off option to turn the bonus stats on or off. That would satisfy both the crowd that only wants cosmetics and the people who who liked the helmets the way they were.




B) Modded - put some mod slots on the helmets and place them in the group of mod based equipment? This would place more value on the helmets. People will have more incentive to play (grind for mods), and if the helmets are in the market more people will be interested in buying it because there are people who want the stat boost and others who just want the cosmetics. There wouldn't be a massive array of mods - just the ones pertaining to the helmet's stat boost. Dual mods that have the boost / reduction would work. Without the mod installed, the helmet would just be cosmetic.


Doing either of these will be positive all around, people will buy stuff, making DE money - and people who want the stats as well as those who do not will be satisfied. Its much better than abandoning one group for another. I personally would rather have the option to apply stats than not, and having no stats puts the helmets in the category of the Syandana and Sentinel accessories - cute but not necessary. Certainly not worth my plat to buy just to have something to look at. I hope you will reconsider removing stats and come up with a more viable solution that will profit all sides.

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Mod slots on helmets... I hadn't thought of it before but I think we've found the place where all those hitherto 'useless' mods can go!


I am talking about Warm Coat, Intruder, Lightning Rod - the ones that are never used by even half serious people.


Also - couldn't we just HAVE the stat change available to us once we buy/manufacture the helmet? As in, I craft the Vanguard Rhino Helmet, but I REALLY like the default helmet look, so, turn ON the desired stat adjustment while wearing the default skin. I 'earned' the effect but dislike the aesthetic. This gives everyone free reign over the best of both worlds!


(the above was merely an example - I LOVE the Vanguard Helmet!)

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I'm still partial to the separation, but keeping, the stats and helms.


I'd love it if unlocking a helm also 'unlocked' it's stats for me to use on any other helm. Maybe not even limited to the warframe the helm belongs to. It'd make collecting helms that much more fun.


This way, you wouldn't even have to attach stats to every helm and can be really selective about what stats you do introduce to the game. It would let you introduce that helm because you think it looks cool, not because players want more stats.

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Here's a reason why: The selection is artificially limited because of unfavourable stats and/or stat combinations on the existing helmets.

it be better to adjust the stats  to suit the warframe  its best  known for or have us the players choose the stats.


 not remove them entirely.

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I'm actually against a purchasable stat helm because you are now truly promoting "spend money to be stronger!". The helmets should be used to promoto different play styles, maybe instead of stat buffs, it should actually effect skills. Make one skill weaker, make another stronger, OR just make them work differently that makes the frame bring new things to the game entirely. This was how TF2 did it, the stat helmets were an idea inspired by TF2 (one of the devs said it himself), just please, no stat changes, we need actual gameplay change that is still fun. Like Saryns venom could change from a dot to  a pool of acid that slows enemies on top of the pool. Something like that. You lose the damage but now you gained a technical ability.

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