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Who is Perfect Arbitration in Solo

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1. Is the perfect for me

Survival Infest /Inaros- 1h,30 min.-2h,10min

2.Excavation/Infest /Khora- 40 min. -1h


Survival/Corpus -40 min.- 1h

Survival/Grineer/50 min.

Survival /Orokin 50 min,- 1h

Note:Inaros no need from stell charge,stretch - 2 moda  kill more enemy and no get life suport

use some corosive projection/or other aura and use mod Equalibrium/Adaptation


Useless Arbitrations

Excavation:Grineer/Corpus nope chance  for save   just shoot = death

Defence :

5,10 ,15,20  give reward but i lose more  form my materials /somthing  big energy/shiled restore

Interception is very useless,but  for Ivara is good

Iinvisble Ivara and sleep arrow/and other arrow  -20 wave  use operator Zenurik  or Energy restore 

Banshee Prime Umbra- 6 wave - use big 57 Energy restore+ small big shiled 

Disruprution only say Good luck ,i nope nervs 😄

Note:Nekros Prime on  all Arbitration is useless for this   must have Health Conversion


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I use nekros for survival to get life support modules, I am bad at survival at keeping the life support up somehow even on normal nodes  I use nekros. Summon a specter or a few and build him as a tank, I use augment for his 3 and 4 and adaptation with some other stuff which I dont know right now as Im not looking at it right now

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Nezha is my go to for solo play. Completely unkillable with an umbral+adaptation build, chuck in arcane grace and guardian on top because why not. This was grineer and it was still fairly easy at 70minutes in, I just get sick and tired of having to run from one side of the map to the other for lifesupport.5E316895B42704198034C7467BD61EB10769D39C

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