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Need Help Please. Launcher Problems?


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Ok so I've been having this problem ever since I downloaded Warframe on my labtop.

So my labtop has two users Admin. and mine, so I finally figured out the Admin password and get on it and download games, such as Warframe, Smite, League of Legends. Im able to play Smite and League of League of Legends on my account because the launcher shows up on my desktop, but Warframe doesn't, and I even made a folder where I can put all the Warframe data and the launcher icon is there. But when I go to open it and error message pops up saying "Please open with Launcher". So I thought maybe if I copy the files from the Admins and put them on mine it will work. But still says the same thing. I just wanna play Warframe again. I'm freaking out because of Nekros and update 10. I wanna Play.

Thanks guys 

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