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When Rushing Nightmare Mission...


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..and i just completed the Objective...


Lotus: "Our Mission just got more complicated. It appears that there is..."


Me: "F*** you Lotus! Do your S#&$ alone then you stupid C***, i won't give me that S#&$. F*** you!




Abort Mission


How about you? ^^

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Double rescue on nightmare with high level mobs.  Oh the horror!


Seriously it can really suck depending on the nightmare modifiers (no shields+energy drain).

no shields + no energy is a instant Abort Mission for me, too. Most stupid mutator there is.. making the level impossible unless its infested.. and there you have to be very carefull not to be cought coz mostly 1-2 hits and you're dead.

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LOL When this happens I just say "You little biotch...", cry a little and keep going.  =)


But yes, I'd prefer to know ahead of time that it is a multi-step mission.  I now automatically assume it will be multi-step, but still, some advance notice would be nice!

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