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Roguelike trial mode?

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Law of Retribution and The Jordas Verdict has retired for a long time, and I miss this game mode so much.  I've been play risk of rain 2 for a bit; I feel the roguelike trail mode does suit goal of the trail mission: a game mode for the late-game player with a guaranteed different experience.

In this game mode player can choose different kinds of test to earn buff gears, the buff gear will be revealed and can be given to other players after picked up by the original owner. The same buff can stack endlessly. However, the less gear player carries when they are challenging the gatekeeper, and less player defeats the gatekeeper, the more award points they will get. The player can leave or continue fighting with current items after they defeat the gatekeeper.

 +300 ability strength  in Arbitration game mode gives me some thought of the buffs you can receive from the complete test:

10k damage on Khora's whipclaw(+300 ability strength)
Ember one short five fireballs (project split on warframe ability)
Ogris with no charge time(reduce charge time)
Drakgoon shooting Zakti drats(turn the project into gas darts)
Hema with auto-trigger(change trigger type to auto)
step through the rift to strike enemies(apply rift strike on melee)

Additionally, if too many players have complete the trail with the same weapon, the cost of that weapon will increase.
The player will be only able to carry weapon(s) only total 100 points on the trail.
Carry one weapon on the trail will waste 2/3 of the potential buff and make player chose a different gear set.

The trial reward point can trade many companion buff mod. Unlike the old toy, the mod will transfer players attributes to the companion,  like dethcube vaporizing a heavy unit ?(transfer ability strength) Or kavat with 20m swipe range?(transfer ability range) With these mods equipped, the player now will be fighting with or support their companion on the mission.

Do you like this idea? 

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Warframe has ALL the pieces necessary to make a really good Roguelike game mode, all the elements to a roguelike are already in the game.  Like the difference between a Chipotle burrito vs a Chipotle burrito bowl,  or even just the various taco bell items that all use the same ingredients in different shapes.


Map tiles and map generation.

Drop table mechanics.

Diverse characters and abilities.


Many different items, weapons, frames, and abilities.

Start as the operator, pick up and find different Warframes, focus abilities,  weapons,  consumable items, and mods as you go.  (Hold transference to open a radial menu to choose from the warframes you picked up.  Tapping goes between operator and the last equipped frame).

Endless satisfying replayability and you'd still be encouraged to buy or earn plat and frames outside of that game mode since warframes you find within the game mode could use your appearance slots and maybe keep whatever mod is in the first mod slot.

Primary reward structure is earning Focus and each boss killed could provide an Eidolon Shard-like bonus focus that surpasses focus caps but then you could add an ESO-like reward structure on top of that in some way,  and an ESO-like gate would open at the end of each map/level to take you to the next after you beat that level's boss though you'd still want to explore to find item rooms and potentially even shops.

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6 minutes ago, peterc3 said:

Great idea for a game. Makes no sense to make it part of another game.


Literally makes more sense than the open worlds, or space banjos,  hoverboards, mining, fishing, tranq darting,  orbiter customization, conclave, Index,  Rathuum, and so on.   

Roguelike mission types as a gamemode-mission type the same way ESO is a game mode / mission type makes perfect sense and the game is already built with a number of roguelike qualities, and with ALL the pieces to a roguelike mode already in the game.   It would be comparatively easy to add such a mission type than it is to make new map tile sets, or new mainline quests while any extra effort is just a bonus.

And lore wise it makes complete sense as either a Sanctuary simulation,  or as a Transference trial thing that Tenshin can help with similar to the transference related trials you went through in the story already.

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The only thing you're forgetting is that a big chunk of the userbase would cry nonstop if WF had any content harder than a wet sponge.

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