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Shawzin Gameplay on Consoles Discussion

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So we need to talk about Shawzins on consoles. There appears to be many features that are missing compared to the PC counterpart. The biggest one being that on PC,  you can copy song codes, and easily transcribe them into your game to play. This makes a world of difference, believe me. On the console, the option to do so is absent, and it really makes it a pain in the a** to play more complex songs.

This is what the menu looks like on PC:


On the console version, the MANY options under the 'Record' subtab doesn't even exist.

This is what it looks like on console:


Yeah, pretty limited. I get that it's still do-able of course. I mean, 'Record Song' is still there. But we can't implement song codes, nor can we load a song to memory is seems. I'm not sure if DE intended it to be this way, or if consoles are going to get more options in the future. Some clarification would be much appreciated. 

Edit: A word

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1 hour ago, --Raid-Master-Qued said:

You can't play or link any recorded song IF YOU EVEN DIDN'T RECORDED ONE

And about "Load"... idk

Except that's the issue. I HAVE recorded songs. But they're not showing up once I return to that menu. It also doesn't address the other issue being that consoles completely lack the option to post song codes.

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DE just needs to go the route of the Mandachord and let players save sheets to a set amount of save slots that we can then share/save/reload whenever.

Shawzin potential on Console is extremely hindered by our inability to have more than one song recorded to memory (And even that one is temporary once you reload to orbit/relay/dojo). Yes I can learn a song to memory and play it without recorded music, but that's clearly not the sole intended means of having music with the Shawzin.

5 save slots for custom music, maybe one extra for each instrument variant you buy (Much like the Mandachord) and it's all good.

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To continue this discussion into 2021, I think they really need to add this feature by now. I am honestly kinda getting impatient waiting just to play some meme songs. I'd imagine it won't be too hard to add the same system of Shawzin from the PC to Xbox and PS, all they'd need to really do is allow save and loading songs and then just make it to where when you type in a code, it will automatically be translated from PC to Xbox, or Xbox to PC. And personally I feel like the Shawzin is one of the many things that don't allow crossplay to be added just yet. 

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