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Dynamic movement, warframes on walls and infested on ceiling

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I have watched many of the live streams and have heard [DE]Steve mention that he misses wall running, and that he views wall-hopping as a step backwards. If I understand the technical challenge correctly the whole game, including all of the lumpy infested walls, would need to programmed to be run on smoothly. Here is an idea I had for the next movement rework to help chase the fluidity we see in the cut scenes, while acknowledging something like this may already be in the works.

I propose Warframes sprint as their default movement mode in missions, like the stamina bar being removed and Gauss being introduced, the speed element is part of the game I enjoy. A dynamic movement button replaces the sprint and toggle-sprint options (for those willing to risk the occasional unintended plunge) that would automatically vault over hip high walls, slide under objects set for it, and run across wires. Holding jump near a wall would set that as the ground, assuming the current wall-run duration is obeyed you could slide down the wall like Mega Man X

I have always wanted infested charges to run along the ceiling and drop down at us, perhaps also adding runners and crawlers using their arms along the ceiling could lead to a "high octane nightmare fuel" situation. In Dawn of the Dead (2004) there is a legless zombie that attacks them in the parking garage when the power goes out or like this concept image from Game of Thrones, Season 6.


Much like the MOA rework that made them much more threatening with their acrobatics, I would like infested to move more erratically, stumbling but not losing speed, or their vestigial parts forcing them to have an odd stride, making them harder to shoot. The behind the scenes mo-cap could also be fun to watch.

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