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Fishing and Mining Alternatives - Fishing Cat, Companion Toolbox in Weapon Slot (Johnny 5, Short-Circuit 2), Summon Extractor/Excavator

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Fishing and mining are very slow paced compared to the rest of the game, I do not enjoy these activities, but some equipment and Nightwave missions require these items. The Exploiter Orb and Thumpers have fishing and mining drops and are a battle alternative that feels more rewarding with the time investment I have put in my equipment. While I feel the Exploiter Orb drops a generous amount of materials (and is not friendly to the unfamiliar), I find farming Doma Thumpers results in very low drop rates of Pyrol and Auron. Oxylus is helpful with locating fishing hot spots and dyeing fish without using a consumable, and Fortuna has the mining laser upgrades. But an old complaint has resurfaced. As I explained to my wife, "I pilot a cybernetic ninja with weapons powerful enough to wage a future space war against immortal monsters from another galaxy, but mostly wait for the right day/night cycle and throw pointy sticks at fish."

Here are some alternatives I'd like to suggest:

  1. Make my companion do it
    • The Fishing Cat is a thing, and super cute https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fishing_cat
    • In the movie Short-Circuit 2 the robot Johnny 5 replaces his laser from the previous film with a toolbox. I would like to equip my companion with an item that would allow them to select the correct spear or laser temperature and obtain the item for me.
      • I find the MOA AI unreliable currently but this could be a suggestion for the next MOA head and precept.
      • Sentinels die very easily, especially at high levels, even with Primed Regen. I had suggested a consumable "pizza" repair kit to a clan mate, Fennel, who countered with either a cooldown repair kit like the archgun deployer or to convert the Spy 1.0/Sabotage Blast Door consoles into hackable 3D printers to get the companion back
  2. Summon Extractor/Excavator
    • Extractors have been around for a long time in the game but are very passive and I feel like they are a chore I need to stay on top of. I would like to survey an area with the mining laser to see what is available then summon in the Extractor or an Excavator with a gear item like the archgun deployer and defend it while it gathers.

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