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Just A New Warframe Idea.


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So, I know I'm one rank away from master, and my opinion doesn't really count, but I wanted to make a suggestion about a new warframe and share my ideas.


Warframe: Hydro




1) Drown - Drowns an enemy, dealing damage over time and when shot, he bursts dealing damage to enemies around him.

2) Liquefy - Flows liquid inside enemies within range, jamming them for some time.

3) Water Sphere - Hydro throws a small sphere with his hands that recharges friendly armor and health over time.

4) Tsunami - Hydro stands still and creates several water waves dealing multiple hits to enemies within range. 

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Almost Everyone's opinions count and nice concept but it seems that the powers are underpowered, just from how they sound.

The first is ok, the second is ok too. Now the third is really good because it's like having infinite amounts of healt/armor in that period of time. It's like a shield really, but without any big spheres etc. The forth is really good too, because that ability deals multiple hits to enemies, killing many of them.

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