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Clan Emblem Submission



Hello Warframe community.

I was about submitting for my first time ever our clan emblem, but suddenly I got caught by a doubt.

Since there is no preview of how my logo would appear in-game, I can encounter some minor issues such as saturation, brightness, X/Y position and so on.

So I was wondering... If - let's say - I submit my emblem and then I'm "Oh no, color saturation doesn't look good in-game!" am I able to submit another emblem without paying an additional fee? Or I'm forced to guess how exactly my symbol is going to look like because submission is una tantum?

Thanks and best regards.

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The little emblem is quite detailed for being a small image...


here's an example...


the .png that was submitted:



How it looks in game on my Rhino:



We kept our logo simple in fear that it wouldn't look good if it had to much detail... looking back I wish I had added more to it.

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