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Zephyr is the fastest frame.

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1 hour ago, earthdoesgaming2 said:

my friend plays on xbox and he thinks so too, its only because you guys are using a controller for movement so making the fast movement of volt gauss and nezha flow is impossible for you

IMPOSSIBLE?! I won't pretend that a thumbstick can compete with a mouse, but I know for sure it's possible to flow.

This is just one of my casual strolls with Gauss through a Lith or Meso. Nothing crazy, and surely there are better examples from better players over larger portions of a tileset, but still smooth for a controller.


No disrespect to the others with my bagging. Just having fun.

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I done goofed on mobile

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I once calculated the top speed of a Warframe using all the possible speed boosting stuff in a 4 man squad. The result was mach 21 (that would be twice the escape velocity. Translated: You can enter high orbit). And that was pre Gauss.

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