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Melee Special Move Damage Calculation


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I wanted to add the Dmg figures of the slide melee, jump melee and wallwalk melee attack to my combo moves discovered thread.

While making trials I ran into troubles, now i need someone to back my numbers up or call me derp.

Good news so far: Slide, jump and wallwalk scale with melee Dmg Weapon and Frame mods

No Melee mods on the warframe, no mods and upgrades on the weapon, no steelcharge:


Basic Melee: 25

Charge hit: 150

Slide Dash 75 (scales with melee DMG)

Jump hit 50 (scales with melee DMG)

Wallwallk dash: ???

Dark Dagger

Basic Melee: 25

Charge hit: 75

Slide Dash: 75

Jump hit: 39???

Heat Sword

Basic 35

Charge 75

Slide Dash: 58

Jump: 10

Wallwalk Dash: 10-25???

Dual Heat Sword

Basic: 30

Charge hit: 150

Slide Dash: 116-117?? (seems to be reduced if you hit multiple enemies)

Jump hit: ???


Basic melee: 40

Charge hit: 200 (-400 on Corpus)???

Slide Dash: 77-100???

Jump hit 19-65-desintegrating target???

that blody elemental Dmg (fire) on the dark dagger is wasting my calc...

same with the heat and dual heat sword...

Can anyone confirm those numbers? I want to put it into the combo section if its correct.

Thats basically one weapon of each class, would be interesting to know if Fragor has different numbers on slide and jump hit compared to gram, same with Pangolin/ Jaw/ Chronus and the Heat Sword and so forth.

Further, those '???' are the numbers that i find to be strange or unfitting.

Why 58 Dmg on the slide Dash for the heat sword? Why not 60?

Same with the 116 on the dual heat, is it 115 +1 Fire Dmg?

Why does my gram deal 400 Dmg to corpsuses?

Lets figure it out together.

P.S: Think i lost like 100k credits due to respecing xD

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Very interesting. I wonder if slide attack is actually just an upscaled melee attack.

Another interesting thing to know would be, what all affects damage from charge attacks. Charge damage for sure. Elemental damage also (since if you put e.g. electrical mods, the charge attack electrocutes them). But what about melee damage, or armor piercing damage?

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Armor piercing is just another element, but melee dmg mods on weapon or frame are not improving charged melee attacks

And well, the values for the slide are not directly related to the base melee dmg, but as mentioned in the OP it is scaling with melee Dmg mods.

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Double Post for glory! And to get it up again. I really think we need to figure this out, but i need some help/ inspiration/ confirmation!


Double heatswords:

Slide attack: The Dmg seems to sometimes split amongst enemies and sometimes not?!

jump strike: at times I barely touch the hp of my target while still hitting it (not only fire dmg) and sometimes it literally slices them in half, killing them horribly.

There is yet mouch to discover about these moves, or they are just buggy :X

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concerning the jump strike:

I am pretty sure there are two completely seperate dmg dealings, one is the AoE, which is quite low dmg and then there is a tiny spot where you exactly directly hit a target with your weapon, and there it is huge direct dmg.

For me it is a Scindo doing around 50dmg in the AoE and 900 dmg for a direct hit with the jump attack on grineer.

I tested it a few times and im pretty sure, can someone confirm? (directly hitting with a jump attack can be tricky :)

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you sir, are right. Thank you, i think i copied it from the Furax :S

Also i would like to add that with all the melee mods on my frame and heatswords, the dmg on the slide attack is so incredibly big that it outclasses the charged dmg by quite a bit.

You probably could go for charge dmg/ speed, but once you reach at least 100% melee dmg on your frame, base dmg of the slide attack would be way over the normal charge dmg. if you include some melee or elemental dmg on the weapon it will scale even further, making it a devastating AOE attack.

Dont know how quick you are, but i can do slide attacks almost as fast as i charge my gram with charge speed mods, heatswords having a (subjective) bigger AOE and are less sluggish.

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Doing charge damage with dual skana and dual heatswords seems to have different amounts in its AOE. The middle (directly infront) does more damage than the sides. I often notice the guys infront of me dieing in one hit but the guys on the side taking more hits to kill. I'll test more later on.

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Good news everyone!

nublet me haz made a think-mistake.

Of course you have to factor for the respective dmg resistances. Corpus are weak to electricity, infested fire etc.

I will do the math with the help of this great thread here: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/5812-damage-shields-mods-enemies-and-you/

once i have time, Prolly this weekend.

Its so obvious. Corpus have certain resistances, as i made the trials on a corpus def map my numbers got effed up.

Crewman-armored EVERYWHERE. Armor ignoring melee does full damage. Staggered by lightning

Head immune to normal, AP=2000%, Fire=100%, Freeze=200%, Lightning = 400%

Body 81%-(.5%/lvl), AP=100%, Fire=33%-?%/lvl(damage too low to say) Freeze=75% - .33%/lvl Lightning=160% - 1%/lvl

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I do a range from 500+ normal jump dmg to 1k yellow crits to 5.8k red crit with my jump atk smash with dual zorens and 1shot everything in this game.

this is all on pluto with them high lv 54s etc etc, also my slide one hit kill thems too =D (this is all without smokescreen on)

also do 2.8k+ per melee red crit hit (with smokebomb on) to phorid, the eris boss

I do know for sure melee dmg mods and warframe dmg mods, ups the dmg of jump smash atks and slide atks, its pretty awesome, knowing most all your attacks can 1hit everything excluding charge dmg (becuz dual zorens) lul

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with all things set to kill i do like 2.5k normal dmg with the slide attack on pluto, but thats no magic, they dont like electricity.

Im trying to get unmodded base numbers for those attacks as accuratly as possible.

Only then we can really compare the weapons with each other, slide attack isnt much harder to perform than the charged, so its a viable way of attacking. But slide dmg is often neglected when people talk about melee weapons, particularly charged dmg.

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