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Hotfix 10.1.3

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I don't see why the sentinels need to be nerfed.  If you spent a forma and/or catalyst on your sentinel's gun, you should at least be entitled to use that sentinel to its fullest, which includes going afk when you need/want to.  Let's face it, catalyst alerts are extremely rare, and chances are you probably used platinum to get a potato for your little helper.


Aside from the vacuum ability picking stuff up, sentinels aren't much use for anything else, really.  When you are actively playing, you don't even really need a sentinel unless you want that tiny bit of extra firepower.  The shade's ability to cloak you when you are not attacking/inactive is a sweet ability.


What's wrong with a little AFK farming using your Carrier?  Unpotatoed, It is only effective against lvl 18-20+ mobs, and they don't really drop any game-breaking resources.  I tried using on it the defense mission on Io, Jupiter.  I stood on top of the cryo pod with little to no input from me for about 3 waves.  Three waves!  I wouldn't have survived the fourth wave.  Fifth wave is what counts, and you won't survive that if you are AFK.


I really don't see the point of the nerf.

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Wow.. just wow.


I usually do some void runs, but as i got everything i need.. Like 2.2k + mods,

I dont really enjoy the extra mile to do parkour. I do help out to do the main

ojective, however.


While waiting for the guys to finish exploring, i went down to get a cup of tea.

Guess what.. i was frikken dead when i got back.


Thank DE for this. Guess who will suffer? Not me. Im not going to die like that,

so the clan will have to suffer instead. I wont help them out, or anyone from

Recruiting either for that matter, when they need to explore. Im not suicidal after



Ill just simply abort mission if I get to the point i need to wait for people, and I dont

really care if im host or not, even though I usually am.


I truly hope you reconsider this "Sentinel goes afk" thing. Its really annoying on

so many levels.




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Built all sentinels so far. Potatoed and Forma'ed the Carrier, finally a use for a sentry.

So I make my stand behind the pod in def missions, and sentry decides i am lazy when i am killing anything that comes near? Great. Move a little....still not shooting. Move more and a bit more....it shoots, so now i have to just run around the pod to cure my laziness according to the sentry?


Sentry isnt OP, it wont shoot targets that get under his gun, it wont shoot by priority like weaker targets first and bigger later, he is there to help, not to punish me back into his style of play.

Sentry AFK farming only works on infested and even then only up to poison ancients, poison kills you and pod alike, it doesn't have super range.


He is there to help, at least he was. Now that he is useless and his mechanics is changed and nerfed to tears, are all of us that potatoed and formaed, and invested in a sentry idiots for doing so? Are we supposeed to look at any weapon and wait few weeks to see if DE nerfs it to hell, before we put potato/forma in it?


And honestly, this sentry issue was the only thing with high priority? Everything else in this game is working like a charm?

Revert sentry changes for gods sake.

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