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Douchebag Stalker Foiled By Lightning Traps.


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So, I just wanted to share the fact that, just now, the Stalker has once again been demonstrated as a douchebag. I was going for one more go at Xiliken (venus defence), because I'd like to get some T1 extermination key. Because I am grossly overpowered for a mission of this level, I just went with the starting gear (modded enough to make short work of lvl10 corpus).


And OF COURSE the stalker showed up right away, just when I part with my potato'ed Soma. He comes for Golem (J3, not Lephantis), which I havent seen in AGES.


So, as the mission hasn't exactly begun yet, I run to an open place and wait for him.


After the third call, I hear him appear but do not see him. As I am pretty high up in the map, I think he might have appeared down. I wait for him, and when I pass near a door, it open, revealing the Stalker.


He slash-dash me right away then follow up with Despairs, leaving me near-death at the very beginning of the fight. I am very stressed right now, I can almost see the revive screen right before my eyes...


So I start jumping around, dodging his Dread attacks, and spam the 1 key. With my Vauban.


Hilarity ensues as Stalky is fried to death by a hundred (okay maybe not) tesla grenades.


And that douchebag drop a serration and a fieldron sample, nothing else.


What a prick.

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