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Titanic Rumbler augment disables all other abilities

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4 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

This is fixed in the Hotfix coming tomorrow! 

Atlas changes/fixes before PA? Here's hoping to a kit overhaul come next Tuesday 🙂.

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Awesome! Was about to post something about the bug here, glad to know fix is on it's way.

16 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

This is fixed in the Hotfix coming tomorrow! 

On a "semi"-related note, Will say that I am *EXCITED* for Punch-lad Prime.

 I'm hoping that, rather than an overhaul or kit rework, he gets some work done for his other Augments and a look at buffing landslides terrible Crit chance (or a decent up to its crit damage to compensate- Like the Nukor or Kubrows in general). Atlas as he is, he's a powerful warframe, and to be perfectly honest he probably doesn't NEED a rework. Just the ability to earn him without farming an Archwing assassinate is going to do wonders for his popularity.

Some simple fixes would (in my opinion) be all he really needs. True, I've brought up rework ideas for a while on various forum posts, but to be honest I can't spend hundreds of hours on a frame and then say he NEEDS a total overhaul. Simply uncapping rubble (Or a higher limit- maybe some kind of small scaling damage based on the rubble you have?), maybe a new second ability on the extreme end, and some touch ups to his augments- I think he'd see a massive usage increase.  He's already a lot better than when I first picked him up, after the changes he got to his 3, and with the introduction of rubble, so all I am is excited!

Another option if Atlas was to be buffed is looking directly at Landslide.
Landslide having a 5%CC, comparing it to  i.e Khoras Whipclaw (and the augments for our comparable 1st "exalted" abilities) feels a bit bad, currently- maybe add a boon there?
Even if I can hit incredibly hard, and am Invulnerable during cast, landslide also doesn't have a good status chance- Whipclaw has both high crit and status chance, by comparison, along with an IPS spread.

The Tekko Prime are gonna be awesome, though, and maybe using the Tekko Prime could give Landslide a crit buff similar to how Atlas gives the weapon a base status chance increase?

Would help compensate for the lower disposition the Tekko offers compared to the current statsticks (i.e Amphis,Jaw Sword, Kogake Prime), and would open up a lot more build paths for him! It wouldn't even need to be too crazy of a crit buff, as Landslide already does have the insane damage and makes you invulnerable on use- It has its advantages, but I would just like for crit to be not so much of a wasted stat when you're building for your punch, personally!

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