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What If Clans Had Soldiers?


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Those soldiers could be Tennos,less skilled than the one we are using and without the warframe suit on.

What if we could buy these soldiers as mercenaries,to protect and serve our clans?

They would be like a new faction that can be ally or ennemy depending on wich clan you are friend with.

Itll serve as a Clan vs Clan but without PVP.

What do you think?


I forgot to mention how to implement them,

see if we are gonna make a clan vs clan mode without breaking the rule of "Warframe is PvE" we could make specific clan levels where other clans can go and fight your army to take control of your territory.

Scince they are small clans that cant do much by themselves why not making an alliance with other small clans?

It could be something like Planetside but with AI soldiers at your command.

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If you want tennos pnj, it's ok, but I would prefer these pnjs in dojo.


Just for wlak around it. Like a city in a MMO, no need for the begining for pnj with dialogue or utilities, just pnj who wlak around the dojo, they can be like the hostage we save during the rescue mission. ^^


Edit : RYNOC was faster than me xD


I would be content just to have ai tenno walking around the dojo, there is a lot of space and it would make things seem more alive and active.

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its the multiplayer for the warframe singleplayer offline, lobby CoD style multiplayer online $60 version


in the single player campaign you play as Derf Anyo to avenge the death of your father Nef

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