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TennoGen & Nightwave Episode 5: Hotfix 25.7.7


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TennoGen & Nightwave Episode 5: Hotfix 25.7.7


Developer Note:

Tenno! We have intentionally left September as a bit of a ‘light’ month for releases. We wanted to give ourselves time internally to focus the whole team on finishing that infamous Whiteboard. However, our amazing and dedicated TennoGen community generate their success on our Updates! So you’ll find the headline of this week is dedicated to TennoGen Round 17. 

Regarding our recent Arbitration reward changes: the team is viewing not only feedback, but also statistics. Currently, our statistics are looking at the effects of adding Vitus to Drones, reward balance between different mission types, and the overall reward output, comparing Arbitrations both before and after changes. Stay tuned for changes coming in the near future.

The final episode of Nightwave: Series 2 is live on all platforms!

We also have an official end date for Nightwave: Series 2! You have until October 13th to rank up and earn rewards, including the Emissary Operator Suit, Nikana Maligna Skin, Spore Ephemera and more! 

A note on Episode 5:
Without spoiling too much on what Episode 5 brings, we wanted to provide a bit of information on ZEALOT CODES. 

Zealot Codes are required to engage in a new encounter brought in Episode 5.

What’s a Zealot Code? If you’ve noticed this, you’ll know completing these gives you access to Zealot missions: 

(1 Zealot Code is acquired from completing 3 Infested Outbreak missions on a planet under an Outbreak. 2 planets are always under an Outbreak at all times, meaning you can get 2 Zealot Codes per day.)

If you have Zealot Codes in your Inventory, you can engage that respective amount of times plus with the more Codes you can continually earn. 

Fun fact: this mysterious encounter will return after Nightwave Series 2 ends on October 13th as a permanent new boss fight.



Ash Ryuga Skin by Rekkou

Baruuk Graxx Skin by Faven

Frost Hisame Skin by Malaya and AMO_017

Harrow Veles Skin by Vulbjorn, the graphical walrus.

Ivara Kuvael Huntress Skin by Erneix

Loki Jotunheim Skin by Mz-3 

Mirage Kuvael Jester Skin by Erneix

Saryn Ion Skin by Yatus

  • Please note that it is the designers intention for the Saryn Ion Skin to not have an accent channel tint.

Trinity Nightingale Skin by Matzan481

Wisp Graxx Skin by Faven


Gara Rouen Alt Helmet by Hydroxate

Wisp Damas Alt Helmet by FrellingHazmot


Diva Chest Armor by lukinu_u


Fhan’Epak Chest Armor by Faven

Paxis Chest Armor by Malaya and Jadie


Jotunheim’s Spirit Oculus by Mz-3


Konvalyst Oculus by Lukinu_u

Vuoto Oculus by Oh_Shimmy

Yureilyst Oculus by Lukinu_u


Jotunheim‘s Cloak by Mz-3


Paxis Syandana by Malaya and Jadie


Insidia Sword Skin by HitsuSan and Reil


Khatuun Nikana Skin by VoidPunch

Lahnss Polearm Skin by Faven

Wuush Whip Skin by Faven



  • Made experimental optimizations to content update speed especially when anti-virus programs are enabled.
    • 2d89bb9ed25ea9556abc4163fad60cce.png
  • Made some micro-optimizations to content update and game loading.
  • Optimized engine startup slightly.
  • Made a micro-optimization to level loading and eliminated a bunch of harmless log warnings.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if a squadmate summoned a Specter and then quit the game.
  • Fixed a game hitch when picking up a Stance Mod in mission.
  • Fixed script error when cycling a Riven Mod that is not in the currently selected collection grid category.

Missed Vaporize Changes from Update 25.7.0:
This was initially meant for the upcoming release of Dethcube Prime, but it squeezed through the Mainline cracks.

  • Vaporize's base Damage of 600 now multiplies with Mods equipped to your Sentinel's gun.
  • Increased Vaporize’s max Range to 30 meters from 4 meters.
  • Decreased the cooldown to 10 seconds from 30 seconds.

Additional Vaporize Changes:

  • Vaporize now has Punchthrough and can hit multiple enemies at once.
  • Updated the FX of Vaporize.


  • The Norg Mask, Mother’s Mask, and Grineer Mask now have a higher chance of appearing in Nakak’s store. This also fixes an issue where they would never appear - sorry!
  • Sentinel Rivens will no longer get the ‘with an active pet’ requirement. Existing Rivens with this requirement have been changed to ‘without dying or becoming downed’.
  • Removed reflection textures from Operator heads to reduce shininess. 
  • Change Nightwave Silent Eliminator Act description to clarify that the minimum enemy level must be 30+, not the maximum
    • Previous:
      • Complete an Extermination mission with level 30 or higher enemies without triggering alarms
    • New:
      • Complete an Extermination mission with only level 30 or higher enemies without triggering alarms
  • Revenant’s Reave ability is now an upper body animation only; alleviating momentum cancelling lower body animations.
  • Increased the Glaive’s radial audio so it’s bouncing can be heard.

Disruption Changes/Fixes:

  • Reduced minimum range at which Demolyst markers hide when close to the player to 5 meters from 8 meters.
  • Fixed the red visual marker hint for Demolysts not appearing in Gas City.


  • Fixed remaining players being unable to complete the Mask of the Revenant specter fight after a Host migration occurs. 
  • Fixed enemies standing around in Sanctuary Onslaught.
  • Fixed enemies not spawning in the first half of the final mission in the Archwing quest.
  • Fixed Warframe Look Links applying to Operators. 
  • Fixed the Akarius not homing in on enemies when playing as a Client. 
  • Fixed Hunter Synergy crit chance boost not actually being taken into account when rolling for crits for pet.
  • Fixed Void Dash not applying movement in The War Within or if you try to use it immediately after Transferring to the Operator.
  • Fixed Gauss Collection description having typo in ‘Credit’.
  • Fixed part of the Melee Toxin FX not taking on Energy colors as per: https://old.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/d6a5aa/toxin_on_melee_weapons_tends_to_result_in_the
  • Fixed Eidolon Hunt Bounties showing veiled rewards.
  • Fixed misleading objective marker in final Archwing quest mission. 
  • Fixed Ivara Empowered Quiver stat display saying Crit Chance when it should be Crit Damage.
  • Fixed Arcane Primary Charger, Arcane Blade Charger, Arcane Pistoleer, and Arcane Bodyguard not listing “+1 Arcane Revive” at max Rank.
  • Fixed duplicate subtitles in transmission from Darvo in Vor's Prize.
  • Fixed inability to complete the Kuva Fortress Defense mission if you Nyx Mind Control a turret.
  • Fixed Vauban Prime's coat tails not being replaced by the regular non-Prime coat tails when toggling his ‘Prime Details’.
  • Fixed the random relic login reward saying 'Relic Pack' instead of 'Relic'.
  • Fixed certain snowy terrain in The War Within not playing the right footstep sound.
  • Fixed seeing a ‘Gear’ prompt when switching from the Trading screen to the Emote screen.
  • Fixed text on the Void Fissure reward screen appearing difficult to read when the chosen UI Theme is bright. 
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Thanks for the hotfix!

Warframe's QoL enhancements last patches were great. We do have a auto-install for Ayatan Stars, an Auto-Claim for Foundry, all nice to see. When players starts to upgrade their own mods and playing missions, duplicate mods starts to pile up. Even the mod segment does count duplicates, adding a button which allows players to automatically remove duplicates (maybe with some filters, such as sell only common and unranked mods for endo or credits) would be nice to see. 

Last time we had a double (Resources, Credits and Affinity) global boosters was months ago! What about a rotation of those boosters each weekend, when players do play more often, maybe each month or 2 months? For example, first weekend of the month will have Affinity Booster, second week of the month will have Resources Booster and go on. You guys got a lot of positive feedback when Resources booster ended, players played and had fun in a lot of gamemodes! Why not keeping them up again?

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3 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Removed reflection textures from Operator heads to reduce shininess. 

Interesting. Megan (or anyone else that might read this), if I am allowed to ask, do you have an update on lighting changes? I'd recommend making these drop before Atlas Prime arrives or in the same update for a myriad of reasons (mainly proper feedback on assets, people not confused on posterior updates on intended item looks, etcetera) if possible.

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132 hotfixes since chimera update and still no fix for melee locking your movement and momentum isn't working.

staticor is still firing on one hand instead of both hands.

Sword and shield's shields are being holstered too high despite using final harbinger.

Before chimera update:






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6 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Missed Vaporize Changes from Update 25.7.0:
This was initially meant for the upcoming release of Dethcube Prime, but it squeezed through the Mainline cracks.

  • Vaporize's base Damage of 600 now multiplies with Mods equipped to your Sentinel's gun.
  • Increased Vaporize’s max Range to 30 meters from 4 meters.
  • Decreased the cooldown to 10 seconds from 30 seconds.

Additional Vaporize Changes:

  • Vaporize now has Punchthrough and can hit multiple enemies at once.
  • Updated the FX of Vaporize.


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Amp models are still broken. Every brace except for Clapkra is tilted clockwise noticeably, all the scaffolds are tilted by varying degrees, and all the prisms seem to be a bit too far forward. About a month and a half ago, maybe a bit longer, you said you would work on fixing rotation. Shortly after, a hotfix rotated the Fortuna amps to make them face forwards, and Fortuna scaffolds were no longer sideways, but this also broke the Cetus scaffolds as well. Since then, there have been no changes. Are there any plans to fix those?

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Glad to see the Gauss Feedback is totally ignored again , 30 days of feedback and counting

We're not talking about some childish changes that want to give him more power creep , but tweaks regarding the battery upkeep & consumption and the ties to Kinetic plating & redline and an abysmal low range on his 3rd which could be adjusted to base 18 meters just like it was done for Wisp's Breach Surge

Thumbs up

Feedback threads on here are a total waste on 90% of cases..Guess we all need to go on twitter to get some attentions

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