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Oddef: Selectable Minimum #of Waves


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I don't really mind when people quit a regular defense mission before I'm done, I can just re-queue and try again.


With Orokin Derelict Defense missions however, I have to spend time and effort farming the mats to make the key. Then spend time and mats to craft the key. Then spend time and effort recruiting a Cell to help me get past the fifteen waves I can solo. Only to have everyone leave after the first five waves.


What if after selecting an ODDef key the host were presented a menu giving them the option, in increments of five, to select how many waves they'd like to play? Rewards are doled out every five waves as normal, and death of the entire Cell results in normal mission failure whether the goal has been reached or not, and players who disconnect would lose any gains as normal. The only difference would be that the option to leave every five waves before the goal is reached is removed from all players.


Players invited to these groups would receive an altered invite message to the tune of '10oh has invited you to 20 rounds of Defense' so no one can be trolled by being invited to a 100 round game, and no one can complain about being unknowingly 'trapped' in a game with a minimum limit.

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