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Dual Ichor Vs Fang Prime



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whats coptering?

Basically, using certain melee weapons' spin attacks in midair to propel yourself across a map at incredibly high speeds.

What you do is:

-Equip a very fast-attacking melee weapon, usually a Dual weapon of some sort (although the Kama reportedly works just as well)

-Sprint, Jump, hold Crouch in midair ("Dragon Kick"; your character does the sliding animation in midair and is able to kick anything that's in the way), and press the Melee button for an Air Slide attack. The Air Slide Attack generally alters your speed depending on how fast your weapon does the attack; for example, a Heavy weapon will cause your character to slow down almost to a complete halt, while a very fast weapon will increase the speed so much that you can effectively launch yourself from one side of the map to the other. (The same can be done on the ground and it's easier to control, but you won't go nearly as far.)


The fastest-attacking weapons in the game are the Dual Zorens, with a base speed of 2 strikes per second. When put with a maxed Attack Speed mod, those things will send you flying when you spin in the air farther than any other melee-- hence the term "zorencoptering".

In second place are the Fangs, which attack at 1.5 animations per second. They go quite far as well.

Dual Ichors attack at 1.2 strikes per second, which is still more than enough to propel yourself forward at high speeds when modded for speed. Fang Prime is slightly behind at 1.17 animations per second, but will still propel you nearly as far as the Ichors.

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