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What if you just replaced World on Fire?

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Yeah yeah, I know, Ember rework ideas are a dime a dozen. But I'm not here to propose an entire rework. From what I understand, the reason why WoF was nerfed was because it was encouraging passive gameplay, or spoiling the experience for new players who don't even get to see enemies before they die to it. But Ember has no form of defense (aside from spamming Accelerant and her 4 augment), she can't scale her damage up and becomes mostly useless beyond level 40. So even if you buffed it back, she still won't perform that well in medium to high level content. So what if you just got rid of WoF and made her 4 something else?

I actually think her first 3 abilities are the most fun aspects of her kit, because they are very active and make me feel like a fire mage, throwing fireballs and slinging chemical accelerant around. So I think we should try to enhance those. What about a 4th ability that puts Ember into an overcharge state?

New channeled ability: Immolate. Upon activation Ember becomes enveloped in incredibly intense flames, so hot they actually melt bullets and warp energy beams, granting her 30% damage resistance to ranged attacks. Any enemies that attempt to strike Ember with melee attacks or come within 0.75 meters of her instantly suffer a heat status. Her offensive fire attacks become so powerful they melt enemy armor, permanently reducing it by 10% of the current value. However, this power comes at a price, as the intense heat also damages Ember herself. She will continue to take 3 true damage per second as long as the ability is active, unaffected by damage resistance. But Ember is invigorated by the firestorm, thus any kills made with her abilities heal her by 30 health. And any of her other abilities cast while Immolate is active have +30% efficiency.

As Immolate remains active, the heat builds over time, enhancing its stats. Over the course of 20 seconds, the stats of this ability will double (linear increase). So after 40 seconds, damage resistance goes up to 60%, enemy armor reduction upon ability damage goes up to 20%. Damage to Ember goes up to 6 per second, and healing per ability kill goes up to 60. Range to inflict heat status goes up to 1.5 meters. Energy drain of Immolate and increased efficiency to other abilities would remain constant however.

Stats would be affected by mods as such:

  • Strength: affects damage resistance, armor reduction, self damage per second (increasing with higher strength), healing per kill
  • Duration: affects energy drain as with other channeled abilities, inversely affects time needed to get to the full effect of Immolate.
  • Range: increases distance from Ember that enemies will suffer heat status

Some of the stats would cap at a certain value, after modding and the natural increase over time:

  • Damage resistance caps at 90%.
  • Armor reduction per hit caps at 30%

Anyway that's just an idea for you. Exact energy cost and drain would be subject to extensive testing to figure out the right values (as well as any of the other stats). Personally I wish she didn't need a generic DR ability, but unfortunately that's the game we have.

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49 minutes ago, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:

At this point if DE wants to make Ember good they have to remove WOF. Just giving massive AOE passive damage isn’t going to fly with them anymore.

what if we got meltdown power rad/heat

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If they remove the annoying explosion sound effects I´m have no objections but I really like the concept of a passive aura like ability because it´s something unique and smooth. Personally I don´t need to spam 4 different active abilities in addition to movement and gun fire and I certainly don´t want her to become a Gauss 2.0 with weird combos or annoying charge meter.

I feel like a lot of people are quite unimaginative and just want to remove WoF because it´s easy. In my opinion they should reduce the base values and add a simple scaling with your other abilities and/or passive. For example everytime you do something "active" like damaging an enemy with fireball or causing ignite procs you will gain damage and area of effect for WoF which will decrease after a few seconds when you don´t do your stuff.

Or while active a % of your inflicted weapon damage is converted into heat damage for your abilities for a short period of time (essentially an additional damage buffer). Anyway there are possibilities to make it more active and add a reasonable scaling mechanic. But sometimes a small amount of creativity is needed.

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