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Mastery Rank 10 Test - Has Happened To Me Twice Now


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I go to sprint and jump to the first middle panel. Sprint doesn't kick in because I didn't wait long enough after hitting W before hitting Shift. So, non-sprint jump. I fall into darkness. The games spawns me back stating I have two attempts left, BUT i'm still up in space and so fall right away again. Now it spawns me on the start pad (1 attempt left). I go to jump on the first middle panel again, but it disappears on me. Mission failed.


3 concerns


-Ever since update 10 (I think it was) I have to start moving, then wait almost 1/2 second before I can hit shift to sprint. Before 10 I could hold down Shift and press W and I would be sprinting right away.  I have my settings configured so that Sprint is my hold to sprint button and B is my tumble.


-On the Rank 10 challenge, if you miss a jump often times it restarts you in mid air and you get two failed attempts instead of one.


-On the Rank 10 challenge, the "ground" starts deteriorating even though I never touched it.



I have never had any problems with any of the other Mastery challenges. I had failed one or two here and there as I was learing what to do or my timing was off, but this Rank 10 test is really quite frustrating. I have been buying tons of weapon space and crafting all these weapons to work on my mastery (have all but mag prime warframes) but this Rank 10 test is really starting to change my mind about trying for Mastery.


Pleease review this Rank 10 challenge.



Windows 7 x64

AMD 8150 eight-core 3.6GHz


SSD for OS and 7200RPM hard drive for game.

nVidia GeForce GTX 560 (updated drivers earlier this month)

Internet: 15MB down/3MB up


Thank you,

IGN Unknown2500

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Seconded. The Mastery Rank 10 test is poorly implemented with glitched respawns (causing aforementioned loss of attempts), absolutely no warning when panels disappear, and no way to tell how many enemies are remaining.


Not to mention that Mastery Rank tests (each and every one of them) need to be re-evaluated because of their completely hidden requirements until you enter the test, meaning a player can get screwed over by not having the right weapon/warframe/mods. Which is absolutely stupid when (in theory), Mastery Tests are to see how you've grown as a player, not "did you win the loadout lottery?"


I have an open bug report ticket on this but I doubt it will see the light of day any time soon.

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