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Infodump - Tab Key


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Most games have some kind of infodump on the tab key. Hold it down and you'll get everything you need to know that couldn't get crammed anywhere else in the UI.


So my suggestion is: Hold the tab key to get something like this...


----------------------- Mission goal & Faction (Alert status, little triangle with exclamation mark if you are detected) -----------------

Mission name              |   Player 1 - Name and Warframe   |   Spoils collected so far

Style Bonus Mission    |   Player 2 - Name and Warframe   |

Planet & Materials       |   Player 3 - Name and Warframe   |

                                    |   Player 4 - Name and Warframe   |



So, for example...


------------------------------------------------------------ Exterminate Corpus (!) ------------------------------------------------------------------------

M Prime                       |   Colyeses - Nova                          |   197 Ferrite, 1 Morphics, 3 Detonite Ampule, 379 Credits,

Get 10 Headshots       |   NoScopeKillahXxX - Loki             |   Ammo Drum, Regen

Mercury - Detonite      |   Naruto666 - Rhino                        |

Ferrite, Morphics         |   Deathmaster13 - Nyx                   |



Whenever you hold down the tab key, that is.


Perhaps the forumgoers have other suggestions for what the tab overview should contain?

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