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"hotfixes" And The Hosting Whack-A-Mole


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So, after the most recent "hotfix" (more like "notfix", amirite), my friend can now host me. It's a damn miracle.

The bad news? I can't host him anymore.

This happened once before with another hotfix where we had to invert the hosting role. Practically nothing changed on our end to my knowledge, it's all Warframe...

As long one of us is able to host the other, that's fine and dandy, BUT, what happens if one fateful day none of us will be able to host the other? That will be the day we stop playing Warframe.

Please DE, get your matchmaking/netcode right. We'd love to keep playing your game.

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I second this and hope that they get their priorities straight and not keep putting major problems aside. I doubt it could be that hard. And the escuses are not very good, as seen in the livestream. The term "we are diligently working on this, but it may not come immediately" can go ahead and apply a negative pressure to my phallic region.

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I........CAN........HOST !!!!


It's truly a miracle, I don't know what DE changed but it feels good to actually be able to open my void key to my friends.


Well....yes, now I'm the ONLY ONE in the clan who can host, but it's just a minor detail, right?



Thanks a lot DE, please can we keep things like they are for, let's say, a couple of days ? Let me enjoy the marvelous power of Hosting a bit more, then feel free to go back messing netcode with hotfixes.






Yeah, there's a bit of sarcasm. Truly, I'm happy to be able to host now, but the price paid was high. The hotfix simple "turned around" the table. I just  fear that some minor random hotfix will cut me and my friend off.

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