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how do u farm Axi relics?


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Xini is on Eris.

If you're farming for specific axi relics that contain the latest Primes or unvaulted Primes, those are added in Bounty 5 on Cetus / Orb Vallis as well. 
High tier Void missions also have them but their drop rate there is much lower.

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18 hours ago, RandomGuys said:

i just want to know how to farm them..... thats it....


  • A high level rotation C of anything - defence, excavation, interception, mobile defence(I think), survival etc
  • Cetus bounty last tear 5
  • Fortuna bounty last tear 5
  • Sanctuary onslaught zone 8
  • Elite Sanctuary onslaught zone 8
  • Syndicate relic pack offering for standing.

Maybe I am missing something but if you are asking this you don't have the gear to go to ratation C on any of these yet, so the best bet is to go to a Cetus/Fortuna bounty and get carried by the others for now.There are 5 stages in each bounty and every one of them has a chance to drop an axi.You can get 2-4 or none, that's for the rng to decide.

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