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Do you agree if weapons and cosmetics are moved to bosses


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 I don't think ALL cosmetics should drop off of bosses but I think a few, rare, cosmetics like the smoke ephemera from Shadow Stalker should drop off of rare encounters like Grustrag Three, Stalker or Zanuka Hunter. Wouldn't even mind if they dropped off of Stalkers little underlings, can't remember their names, because they are even more rare. I love hunting for treasure and have spent upwards of 30 minutes just doing exterminate missions on Lua just to search rooms or do the puzzles or even actually try to be silent and undetected. So finding cosmetics would be cool too, though they will have that low RNG chance of dropping off of bosses I would assume and actually require it to even be worth it. Rare = show it off, while common = store and move on.

Bringing in a couple of rare cosmetics, only acquired from gameplay farming/hunting, could give a little variety and replay value to that niche of players that either want it or enjoy hunting/farming. Wouldn't even mind if they had a couple of rare BP cosmetics that sent you on a quest around the system to farm rare drops to make it. Could even include some unknown backstory to some factions, individuals, planets, systems, or even Warframes. They have a whole system to make use of in an insane number of ways so I say use it.

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